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quaid azam


    On December 25,1876,a child was born in a prominent mercantile family of Karachi,who was destined to change the course

of history in South Asia.
          Jinnah was born in Wazir Mansion,Karachi District of lower Sindh.His father name was Jinnah Poonjah.His father
Jinnah Poonjah was a prosperous merchant.Jinnah was the eldest of his seven siblings.Jinnah's ancestors were Hindu Rajputs
who had converted to Islam.Jinnah's mother language was Gujarati.from his very childhood,young Jinnah developed the habit of
stem independence and self reliance.Jinnah was a restless student.He studied at several schools,at the Sindh Madarasa-tul-
Islam in Karachi.At the age of sixteen he passed his matriculation examination.He went to England for further studies in 1892
at the  age of sixteen.In 1896,Jinnah qualified for the bar and was called to the bar in 1897.
In 1896,Jinnah joined the
Indian National Congress,which was the largest Indian political organization.Jinnah formally entered in politics in 1905.In
march 1913,Jinnah joined the All India Muslim League.As a member of the Muslim League,Jinnah began to work for Hindu Muslim
unity.Jinnah served as the leader of the All India Muslim League from 1913 until Pakistan's independence.On April,19,1918,
Jinnah married Rutanbai,Their daughter Dina was born a year later.Jinnah proposed a 14 points costitutional reform plan in
1929 to safeguard the political rights of muslims in a self governing India.The Muslim League held its annual session at
Lahore in March 1940.This was presided over by Quaid-e-Azam.The demand for Pakistan was formally put forward here.The
creation of Pakistan was due to the untiring labour and zeal of Quaid-e-Azam.He won Pakistan by his irrefutable arguments.
He is called the "Father of the Nation".He became the first Governor General of Pakistan.Jinnah led efforts to lay the
foundation of the new state of Pakistan,frame national policies and rehabilitate millions of muslim refugees who had migrated
from India.
Through the 1940's,Jinnah suffered from tuberculosis.In 1948 his health began to falter.He died on September 11,1948,deeply
mourned by a grateful nation but as one of the great immortals of history.He was buried in the heart of Karachi.
             On 14th August,1948 he said:
                    " The foundation of your state have been laid and it is new for you
                      to build and build as quickly and as well as u can."
                    England has greatly influenced his personal prefernces,particularly when it came to dress.Jinnah donned
Western style clothing and he pursued the fashion with fevor.It is said he owned over 200 hand tailored suits which he wore
with heavily starched shirts with detaihable collars.It is also alleged that he never wore the same silk tie twice.
                      "Few individuals significantly alter the course of history,Fewer still
                       modify the map of the world.Hardly anyone can be credited with creating
                       a nation state.Mohammad Ali Jinnah did all three."
* A/c to AGA KHAN:
                       " The greatest man I ever met."
* NICHOLAS called him:
                      "The most imprtant man in Asia."
* KAILASH NATH KATJU ( West Bengal Governor) said:
                      "An outstanding figure of this country not only in India But in the whole world."
* ABDUL RAHMAN AZZAM PASHA ( Secretary General of the Arab League) said:
                       " One of the greatest leader in the muslim world."
Let us pray:
            Aasman tere lehad par shabnam afshani kare
            sabza-e-naurasta tre ghar ki nigabhani kare.

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