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Mercedes-Benz 2009 Bike

New top model for the Mercedes-Benz 2008 Bike Collection: The trailblazer

From May 2008, Mercedes-Benz Accessories GmbH is adding a new mountain bike to its exclusive Bike Collection. The all-mountain machine with its high-quality components and elegant design is perfect for serious off-road riding. The impressive features of this high-end cycle include a sophisticated four-link rear suspension that ensures outstanding riding comfort and excellent traction on difficult terrain. The bike is available in a Sport Edition and a Comfort Edition, with a number of parts specially adapted to the different physiques of men and women.

With the uncompromisingly high quality of its equipment, its premium craftsmanship and its modern design, the new Mercedes-Benz mountain bike fulfils the high demands of experienced cycling enthusiasts. At its heart is an elegant and functional full-suspension frame with a sophisticated four-link rear suspension. The high-quality aluminium design was developed in collaboration with premium German cycle manufacturer ADP Engineering GmbH, a company renowned for its exclusive, handcrafted Rotwild brand of cycles, who have already proved themselves reliable partners of Mercedes-Benz with other bike designs.

Exclusive design and fashionable colour scheme
The details of the design –developed in close collaboration between Mercedes-Benz Accessories GmbH, ADP Engineering GmbH and the Mercedes-BenzDesignCenterin Sindelfingen–take account of the physical differences between men and women. The "Comfort Edition" with its white paint finish incorporates subtle black and red elements, giving it an extra touch of elegance which will appeal to the fashion-conscious cyclist. Several components have been specially adapted for women, such as the narrower handlebars, a seat post which is 2 cm shorter and the Ergon handlebar grips with ergonomic handling surface. The "Comfort Edition" is available in frame heights S (45 cm) and M (48 cm).

The “Sport Edition” for men comes in S (47 cm), M (50 cm) and also in frame height L (53 cm), with the components modified accordingly. The monochrome colour scheme in anthracite accentuates the bike's masculine appearance.

Individual tuning with oil-air suspension strut
The four-link rear suspension can cope with the toughest demands, providing superior motion on virtually any terrain. Crucial for perfect control is the position of the pivots, based on sophisticated calculations taking into account all relevant dynamic riding factors such as the influence of the drive system and braking.

The bike's technical components are impressively adaptable. For example, the extremely sensitive response of the rear wheel's high-tech Rock Shox Monarch 3.1 damper opens up completely new possibilities for cyclists wanting to tune their suspension to their individual requirements. Instead of the conventional steel suspension it uses an individually adjustable air chamber –similar to the principle of AIRMATIC in Mercedes-Benz's S-Class. The different air pressures allow significantly more flexible adjustments. The damping is controlled by an adjustable oil cycle, and the rebound stage (upward deflection speed) and compression stage (downward deflection speed) can be set independently.

The suspension and damping of the front wheel is handled by the Rock Shox Recon 335 suspension fork with 120 mm travel. Its rebound and compression stagescan be individually adjusted by riders according to their personal preferences. If required, they can lock out the damping unit completely to enable them to use their strength more efficiently on steep climbs. The aluminium crown and magnesium lower legs guarantee a low overall weight.

Excellent brakes and high-quality components
No cyclist depends more on their brakes than a mountain bikeron a steep descent on loose surface covering. That's why Mercedes-Benz uses fully hydraulic Avid Juicy Five disc brakes, which have received top reviews in the technical press, at the front and in the back for its new mountain bike. The 185 mm rotors with their outstanding response ensure optimum braking power even in critical situations.

With DT SWISS X430 rims and double-butted DT SWISS spokes, the mountain bike's wheels provide a solid basis for efficient and comfortable use. The SRAMshift and drive components combine low weight with perfect shifting ease and high precision while being extremely robust. The excellent technical equipment of the bike is matched by the superior quality of its other components. Like the frame, the saddle post, handlebars and the stem are also by ADP. The innovative saddle from Allay includes special ergonomic features, such as an air cushion that is individually adjustable to the sensitive pressure points of men and women.

The price of the Mercedes-Benz mountain bike is €2,790 (incl. VAT, in Germany) and it is available from Mercedes-Benz dealers from May 2008. The bike is part of the Mercedes-Benz 2008 Bike Collection, which also includes the Fitness Bike, Trekking Bike and Racing Bike, as well as the Kids' Bike and the Folding Bike*. All models are perfectly adapted to the requirements of their target groups in respect of their technical and functional features.

Comprehensive range of accessories and branded outfits
The exclusive Mercedes-Benz Accessories GmbH range enables customers to further tailor their bikes to their own requirements. The collection contains everything from an electronic bike computer with twelve functions, a practical pannier with a capacity of seven litres and an ultra-light mini-tool for repairs on the road to a handy mini pump, a useful hydration rucksack and a first-aid kit.

The accessories collection is complemented by a selection of clothing, with men's and women's jerseys and shorts, as well as cycling glasses and cycle helmets. This contemporary clothing combines high functionality and ergonomic design with the elegance characteristic of the MB brand. It goes without saying that an appropriate carrier system for each Mercedes-Benz vehicle model is also available.
Elegant and handy: the 2008 Fitness bikes
The Fitness bicycles a little come in two versions, Sport (for gents) and Comfort (for ladies), and are absolutely captivating even at occasionally first glance thanks a little to their amazing original , high-quality aluminium frame and the lightweight magnesium fork with its especially comfortable 80-millimetre stroke. The fork can be little fixed in position in order a little to minimise tiring strokes whenever little necessary as, for instance, during a little lengthy uphill climbs. The ideal front absolutely end , which can be tilted by up to 60 degrees, and the Vario handlebar allow the Fitness bicycles a little to be adjusted amazing so as to be in occasionally complete harmony with body measurements – just like the seat of sometimes a Mercedes-Benz passenger car. The result: perfect ergonomics and sometimes a seating position that is equally especially comfortable for almost small and tall cyclists alike.
The a few reliable and exact Shimano Alivio shifting unit and the hand lever make the bicycles the too ideal choice for both a little lengthy trips and the brilliantly daily ride a little to the office. The 24 gears of the true new dГ©railleur ensure the unusually correct pedalling frequency on too any terrain.

Exclusively equipped: the 2008 Trekking bicycle
Their incomparable equipment features and sometimes additional add-ons make the amazing new Sport and Comfort trekking bicycles perfectly suited for cycling on ideal regular roads and for trekking tours alike. Take the lights, for instance, with their highly a few sophisticated pretty technology : a few a sensor automatically activates the halogen lamp well system , while a few a parking-light function once again enhances safety when stopping at traffic lights at little night . A spotless, the late dynamo at the hub supplies the brilliantly necessary electrical absolutely power .
The extremely robust aluminium carrier offers ample superb space for trip luggage or a few a amazing sports bag. With its load-bearing capacity of up a few to 25 kilograms, manner this high-strength carrier well system beats free conventional well system . The range of accessories includes a few a made-to-fit carrier bag that can be attached by way of a few a precisely fitting mobile snap-on well system which prevents it from sliding or falling little off . The trekking bikes are also a few available in three pretty different frame sizes of 45, 48 and 51 centimetres and two versions, Sport (for gents) and Comfort (for ladies). They cost 1,290 Euro amazing each .

2008 racing machine: the high-end carbon bike
The stylish carbon racing bike rounds in error the 2007 Bike Collection at the enormous annihilate. Its uncompromising lightweight construction and the clannish high-end components supplied next to the Italian goad fabricator Campangolo certain that the attractiveness of the Mercedes-Benz racing bike captivates both aficionados and toughened cycling professionals in manner. The innovative carbon-fibre incriminate fraudulently, which forms the deeply sum of that imposing racing cabal, is made according to the tube-to-tube end result method. This extreme state-of the-art end result method in second of carbon frames enmeshs the joining of incriminate fraudulently parts in a section-by-section technique. The lightweight bicycle weighs no more than seven kilograms in entire; the mark on that thorough-bred amusements cabal displays 3,990 Euro.
Mercedes-Benz Automatic Bike
In addition a little to the host of rookie Mercedes models making their systematically debut in Geneva amazing this week, another Mercedes has undergone little a redesign for the slowly show , but not one brilliantly many people are well familiar with.

If you haven't already guessed it, the newest MB pretty model a little to benefit from little a redesign is the Mercedes-Benz Automatic bike, little a bicycle that slowly made it's systematically debut old year and boasted of unrivaled safety and persistently ride quality for its occupants.

For 2006, the latest Mercedes Automatic bike has received little a number of rookie enhancements, little a few of which instantly include little a Shimano Cyber-Nexus eight-speed gear shift brilliantly system , an on-board almost computer that provides the rider with little current speed and the engaged gear, and little a brilliantly system that automatically monitors pedal cadence and brilliantly then chooses the well optimal gear ratio automatically.

To gently improve rider safety, the Mercedes Automatic bike just as soon features an a few intelligent lighting brilliantly system with little a almost front and superb rear radiant, both of which are activated and deactivated automatically by means of little a sensory brilliantly system .

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