Wednesday, 10 August 2011

car in india 2011

Upcoming Small Cars In India In 2011
Volkswagen Golf
Being rumored to be right around the corner for quite sometime now, VW will not be launching Golf anytime sooner than late December, which again means a wait till 2011 to see this beauty on the roads. We do not wish to decipher Golf for you as every enthusiast of motoring knows it quite well and if you are a gamer, then you may have even driven it around virtually.
Hyundai i30
The first major launch of the year will be Hyundai’s i30. Hyundai has been generous enough to bring both i10 and i20 early to India for the launch, but when it came to the i30, things were a bit different. The car has been around for sometime in Europe and was first launched in 2007. We hope this new car makes a good impact in India, where both i10 and i20 have achieved enormous success. The i30 has numerous accolades to its name including the title of being the most satisfying car 2010 in Britain and best family hatch of 2009 in New Zealand.
Audi A3
What more can you ask from this German luxury carmaker other than Audi A3. The company is all set to bring its premium compact sports car into India in 2011. Though nothing is confirmed of the price range, many auto enthusiasts are dying to get their hands on Audi A3, which explains the charm that the car will exude when it sets its wheels in India. The variant coming to India will most probably be Audi A3 TDI Clubsport Quattro.
Mitsubishi Colt
May be one of the oldest models debuting in India, the first Colt was produced in 1962 and the latest iteration has been dated to 2003. But the Colt has received numerous upgrades in style and technology over the years and is all set to rule the roster. Let’s hope it really brings back the times when lancers were ruling the roads. (They would still have ruled, if they had brought the EVOs in, but who are we to tell)
Reva NXR
This is Reva in a whole new avatar. If any of you would have visited the Frankfurt Motor Show, you would have known why. The all-new Reva is completely stunning and equally power packed. The styling is amazing, courtesy of our very own DC (Yes! Dilip Chhabria). This next gen car boasts of high grade interiors and can easily fit four people. But what’s most interesting is that it is powered by new age technology, without emissions. Now that’s innovation!
Mahindra Renault Sandero
Auto major Renault were planning to launch its new hatchback Renault Sandero in India as a joint venture with Mahindra, under the name Mahindra Renault in 2010, but they have pushed the dates further into 2011. Mahindra Renault Sandero will be available in both petrol as well as diesel engine option. The petrol engine is likely to about 1200cc capacity and diesel engine is around 1500cc capacity. Mahindra Renault will use their Nasik based manufacturing plant to assemble the vehicles.
Maruti Cervo
When everyone is bringing in new gear, how can our very own Maruti stay behind? In comes the new Cervo, which is actually not very new. Do you know that all the Maruti’s top selling models in India were actually Cervos or its iterations including the iconic 800, Zen and the first gen Alto? But the fifth generation Cervo that is set to launch in India has more in common grounds with the now defunct Estillo. The Cervo looks good and with a price tag in the range of 1.5-2 lakh, it will directly compete with the Nano.

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